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Seychelles, a politically stable and independent nation has created an ideal climate for investment in tourism and other industries. Investor confidence in the Seychelles economy has grown rapidly over the past couple of years

Seychelles offers the following advantages and opportunities to investors.


Environment & Location


Land & Natural Resources

  • Stable political environment and government policies which welcome and support local and foreign investment

  • Ideal location in the Indian Ocean, midway between the largest trading and manufacturing blocks of Asia & Europe, and a business stepping stone into Africa.

  • Favorable Time Zone (GMT+4) that allows working hours to overlap with major financial centers

  • High environmental standards

  • Nice weather all year through

  • Strategic location outside the cyclone belt



  • Attractive land leasing costs

  • Clean and unpolluted natural water supply


Skilled Human Resource

  • English / French speaking dynamic local work force

  • High adult literacy rates – 96 percent (possibilities for recruitment of foreign workers also exist for certain sectors)

Large Growing Market

  • 97,000 local consumers with growing disposable income

  • A rapidly growing middle class with the 2nd highest GDP per capita in Africa

  • 360,000+ visitors annually and growing

  • Concessions guaranteed by law and attractive fiscal incentives package for investment in the tourism, agriculture, renewable energy and fisheries sectors to enhance competitiveness.

  • Comprehensive road networks – 502 km (482 km surfaced)

  • Regular sea and air links to Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa

  • Excellent telecommunications network and IT services

  • Basic infrastructures provided (electricity, water connections and road network)

  • Well established port facilities with two deepwater berths, extensive space for container handling and modern cargo handling equipment

  • Legal system based on English Commercial Law and a Civil Code based on Napoleonic Code

  • No visa requirements (Residence Permits + work permits easily available for foreign investors

  • An investment code which provides a legal climate that is conducive to a greater flow of investment and business

  • Offers a world class financial center with no foreign exchange control and restrictions.

  • A growing economy with expanding opportunities in the fishery, agriculture, real estate, adventure tourism, ICT and energy sectors.

  • Ranked first in Africa for Human Development Index and second for both the Mo Ibrahim Index of African Governance and the Corruption Perception Index in Africa.