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Useful Information for business and investment to Seychelles

1. Invest in Seychelles – A Practical Guide

The Invest in Seychelles guide was written to give the busy executive a quick overview of the investment climate in Seychelles. This book reflects information current as at December 2018.

[PDF - 3.70MB]



2. Seychelles Directory of Classified Business Listings (2016-2017 Version)

A classified business listing published by the Seychelles Investment Board, it is a key tool for local businesses and overseas investors.

[PDF - 24.4MB]


3. Seychelles in Figures 2020 Edition

A comprehensive publication printed by the National Bureau of Statistics, Seychelles

[PDF - 13MB]


4. Seychelles International Financial Services Centre

A booklet printed by the Financial Services Authority of Seychelles (FSA), it briefly introduces all non-banking financial products administered by the FSA.

[PDF - 11.7MB]


5. Seychelles Blue Economy: Strategic Policy Framework and Roadmap Charting the Future (2018-2030)

A useful policy framework for overseas investors to understand the blue strategic priorities for investment in Seychelles. The Roadmap articulates Seychelles’ “Blue Economy Brand”, its unique comparative advantage based on geography, sustainability credentials and strengths as a nation.

[PDF - 3.9MB]


6. Seychelles Vision 2033 – Towards a Sustainable and Inclusive Future

Vision 2033 sets forward a promising path for Seychelles, echoing the common desire to see our country develop further and with the Seychellois people owning and actively participating in the development process.

[PDF - 3.9MB]


7. Seychelles National Development Strategy 2019-2023

The first five-year National Development Strategies published by the Ministry of Finance, Trade, Investment and Economic Planning accompanying Seychelles Vision 2033..

[PDF - 8MB]


8. Forbes (AFRICA) - Seychelles – Leading the Blue Economy

A 28 pages focused report on Seychelles, it outlines Seychelles’ achievements as the pioneer in the blue economy development.

[PDF - 21.4MB]


9. Invest in Seychelles Guide

A booklet summarizes all the useful information for investment in Seychelles, it was jointly published by the Consulate General of Seychelles in Shanghai and the Consulate of Seychelles in Hong Kong in April 2020.

[PDF - 16MB]


10. Seychelles At a Glance 2021

A leaflet published by the Seychelles Investment Board in mid 2021 which gives some basic information regarding investment to Seychelles.

[PDF - 2MB]